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Do you run a company dealing with the installation of micro solar power plants on the roofs of buildings? Do you want to build products that will last more than a decade in all conditions? Choose fasteners for photovoltaic panels available in our assortment! Each of the available elements is made of stainless steel subjected to stringent quality tests. Thanks to this, they are resistant even to long-term contact with moisture and other adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, UV radiation, as well as heat and frost.

What other parameters are characterized by double-threaded screws for photovoltaics? First of all, a high degree of strength and resistance to mechanical damages, cracks, abrasion, impacts or corrosion. They can be used in both very low and very high temperatures, up to 800°C. In addition, the stainless steel elements are characterized by a self-regulating passivation layer and high flexibility, enabling all kinds of processing: bending, welding, soldering, stamping and hydrodynamic shaping.

You will find here not only double-threaded screws for photovoltaics (with or without an adapter), but also models:

- hammer,
- allen, lock,
- nuts.

On the subsides of individual products you will find information on the use of individual fasteners – e.g. what type of tile the individual PV fasteners work with. We have also included a basic technical specification.

Do you need a specific PV double-thread bolt? Are you in the middle of a project and are you running out of nuts? Place an order and replenish the necessary supplies of tools!

We invite you to see the full range, among which you will find all the necessary elements. Do you have additional questions about our offer? We encourage you to contact our employees at 695 952 392 or at pv@kuto.pl. Thanks to many-year-experience and expertise, we will do our best to help you choose double-threaded screws for photovoltaics that will meet all your expectations and needs.

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