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Are you planning to fix the PV installation? First of all, take care of the sturdy components! In our store you will find, inter alia, handles for photovoltaic panels made of stainless steel and elements intended for appropriate protection of the entire installation on an oblique roof. Stainless steel is the best possible material to use for PV installation. It is resistant to corrosion and to extremely high and low temperatures. In addition, it tolerates both rain and snow well. In our assortment you can buy such elements as: PV handles, roof hooks for photovoltaic panels, edges, angles, shingles, hooks.

The elements were made with the help of fibre laser cutting, which guarantees excellent precision of workmanship. All products are very easy to fixing. They are also completely adapted to the operation of a sloping roof. The system you create with these elements can accommodate any number of modules – both vertically and horizontally. 

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