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Characteristic mosaics of photovoltaic panels placed on the roofs of buildings have not surprised anyone for a long time. Our own micro-power plants have been enjoying unrelenting popularity in Poland for years, which means that companies dealing with their assembly have their hands full. If you run this type of business, you certainly know how important it is to correctly select high-quality profiles and mounting brackets for photovoltaic panels. If the entire installation has been designed to operate for at least a decade, even small elements such as double-threaded screws should show similar strength.


When looking for fasteners for PV installations, you must first of all pay attention to the material from which they were made. Photovoltaic panels are exposed to various weather conditions at all times. They must be resistant to extreme temperatures, rain and snowfall and to very strong UV radiation. The material that can cope in such conditions is primarily stainless steel. Some installers use fixings other than steel, but covered with a layer of tin, thinking that this will be sufficient protection. This is a mistake that will be paid to the end user later! It only takes a few loose screws or weakened threading for the stability of the structure to be seriously impaired. Only photovoltaic fixings made of stainless steel will ensure the proper strength and longevity of PV installations – from profiles and shingles to double-threaded and allen bolts!


Therefore, we offer our customers only proven fasteners and mounting brackets for photovoltaic panels. You will find here, inter alia:

- adjustable and non-adjustable handles,
- adjustable and unregulated shingles,
- KPO handles,
- carp hooks,- single, double and deep edges,
- PV profiles,
- angles,
- double-threaded, allen, hammer and lock screws.

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